Thursday, November 6, 2008

Wednesday, Day Forty-one

Today we did not get a lot accomplished. We did not have school Monday because of professional development and then the election was Tuesday. This is a short week that is really messed up.
In language arts we did a few pages in the workbook. We will begin a new theme, but I am gonna ease into that because of the short week. This will throw everything off.

We did not have our 4th grade math today, because of visitors and others. We just couldn't keep up, so it was better that we just cancel this class and move on with our day. The students are ahead of the regular classroom so it will not hurt them. We will get things done tomorrow.

Time also did not allow me to work with my little guy. We will continue tomorrow.

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Dr. G said...

Tanya I know you are so busy with other things, but I missed your talking about your readings this week. 4/12